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septiembre 11, 2006

5-Axis Laser new for WorkNC version 18

Sescoi’s 5-axis machining capability in its WorkNC CAM/CAD system has been extended to include a new 5-axis laser cutting capability. The software is able to control the head of a 5-axis laser cutting machine and produce a smooth and even cut path, utilising the new smoothing algorithms developed for version 18.

Lead-in and lead-out movements can be determined automatically and can be vertical, radial or direct to eliminate sudden direction changes. Start positions for cutting are automatically selected by WorkNC, or interactively specified by the user to optimise control, while the cut path itself follows edge curves and can be set normal to the surface of the 3D component model. Additionally, the system considers the kinematics of the laser machine itself and calculates the shortest cut path, to ensure that the programme produced by WorkNC is effective and optimised.

The new 5-axis laser machining benefits from the power of WorkNC-CAD, making it easy to work with both surface and solid models, quickly isolating the part to be cut, and manipulating it into the desired attitude for the laser machine. Similarly, WorkNC’s toolpath editing functions can be used with the laser path, enabling the user to tailor it to suit his needs exactly. Visualisation of the cut path in VisuNC shows the part, the laser machine, and their relative movement. This gives a double check to the reliability of the CNC programme, which is optimised to suit each individual machine type.

By using WorkNC to programme 5-axis laser machining, customers will benefit from the extensive development which Sescoi has invested in 5-axis toolpaths, eliminate on-machine programming and improve the accuracy and quality of their components, thereby reducing costs and increasing productivity.

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Comunicados de prensa

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