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marzo 11, 2010

64-bit, multi-core WorkNC and Sescoi’s all new Hybrid Modeler on show at Industrie, Paris

Sescoi will be showcasing WorkNC V21, the new 64-bit version of its automatic CAD/CAM software with parallel computing capability, at the Industrie show in Paris from 22nd to 26th March on booth 5.E.82. The all-new WorkNC-CAD Hybrid Modeler and Electrode module will also be previewed.

Sescoi engineers will be on hand at the Sescoi booth to demonstrate Version 21 of the WorkNC CAD/CAM system with 64-bit processing that allows the greater memory available in the latest hardware to be fully harnessed, and multi-threading and multi-processing of tasks that enable several algorithms to run in parallel. For large models, and for 3 and 5-axis machining, this extra processing power means that calculations will run up to 10 times faster, particularly on roughing operations.

WorkNC V21 also features new high speed machining routines that enhance the quality, smoothness and speed of HSM, while WorkNC’s automatic 5-axis machining module has been made even simpler to use, bringing 5-axis machining well within the capability of the majority of companies deterred by the complexity of many 5-axis CAD/CAM systems.

With the upcoming launch of WorkNC-CAD Hybrid Modeling, Sescoi aims to push back the limits of 3D model design, reparation and data machining preparation. Like all the company’s software, WorkNC-CAD Hybrid Modeling is designed for ease of use, with Sescoi’s industry experience applied to automate complex tasks. Able to work on open solids, the software simplifies the repair and editing of 3D models ready for manufacture. Users can manipulate surfaces, create 3D curves, and use a combination of solid modeling and surface modeling functions to achieve the desired result in just a few minutes. The full range of advanced and specialized functions will be demonstrated by Sescoi’s CAD specialists at the Industrie show.

Linked to the WorkNC-CAD Hybrid Modeler is the new WorkNC Electrode module. Making its début at the Industrie show, this software enables engineers to quickly extract the electrode geometry directly from the 3D model. Users can easily modify the electrode geometry and perform functions such as automatic tangency extension to ensure correct tool control. The software incorporates a library of tool holders and will automatically generate 3 or 5-axis toolpaths from the defined machining sequence for standard shaped electrodes. Tools can require a large number of electrodes to reach the fine detail, so the ability to extract the shape and automatically generate the toolpaths greatly reduces the chance of error, shrinking manufacturing costs and eliminating tedious, repetitive work.

For Visitors interested in Wire EDM, Sescoi will demonstrate the developments in WorkNC Wire EDM. The software allows the direct interrogation of the profiles to be cut from the CAD model. Dialogue boxes guide the user through the stages of manufacture for both 2 and 4-axis wire eroding operations. Automatic generation of roughing and finishing passes simplify programming, with extra routines for the location and removal of tags. Collision checking ensures that the part can be physically machined and that the maximum wire angle of the machine is not exceeded.

For dental professionals, the Industrie show will provide another opportunity to see Sescoi’s automated dental machining software WorkNC®DENTAL, designed to facilitate the manufacture of dental prostheses such as bridges and crowns. Live demonstrations will show how implants scanned in a Dental Wings scanner are quickly programmed in WorkNC®DENTAL and then cut on a Witech MIC5 machine. The aim of the software is to enable dental technicians unfamiliar with CNC machining to reliably produce accurate and high quality prostheses in a variety of materials.

WorkPLAN Enterprise, Sescoi’s ERP system for custom manufacturers, has recently become SAP® certified, broadening the range of companies that will benefit from its specialized capabilities. As well as enabling companies to rapidly produce highly accurate quotations, WorkPLAN Enterprise keeps track of purchasing, production and quality, helping managers to achieve on time delivery within budget. Tools within the software record the complete history of the project allowing control of products for their complete lifecycle.
Smaller companies can start out by using Sescoi’s MyWorkPLAN job management system and then scale up to the WorkPLAN Enterprise full ERP system over time.

The wider range of productivity software now available from Sescoi mean that companies have a one stop shop for all their manufacturing solutions. As well as seeing software demos using their own data if they wish, visitors to the Sescoi booth can also view a range of highly original showcase parts milled with WorkNC and take away a free trial copy of the latest version (V2) of WorkXPlore 3D Manufacturing Pro, Sescoi’s award-winning, high speed viewer.

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