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septiembre 27, 2006

ARRK Group company NPL Technologies, selects WorkNC for 5-Axis machining

Sescoi has extended its existing seven-year relationship with Nuneaton based NPL Technologies, an ARRK Group company, with the installation of the latest WorkNC 5-axis CAM software. The ARRK Corporation is the world’s largest toolmaking group and NPL Technologies is an important member, producing both automotive foundry and vehicle body tooling, which includes styling models, engineering models, cubing and fixturing. Additionally, the company has expanded its business with dedicated prototype and low volume manufacture of cast parts, and a strong Formula 1 motor sport clientele, producing patterns and tools for carbon fibre components.

To service its customers requirements more effectively, NPL Technologies invested in 5-axis machine tools and evaluated several 5-axis CAM systems, including its existing WorkNC software, to ensure that it was using the most efficient programming methods. Benchmark testing using a component especially designed to incorporate the more complex elements of its customer’s requirements quickly demonstrated the capabilities of WorkNC’s 5-axis routines. In particular NPL Technologies has used the software’s 5-Axis Profiling, 5-Axis Drilling, 5-Axis Pocketing and the revolutionary Auto 5 which automatically converts 3-Axis toolpaths into 5-Axis toolpaths.

Advanced collision detection in Version 17 of WorkNC reinforced the company’s decision by incorporating its new machine tool’s limits and characteristics. Sescoi engineer, Paul Lester said, “The table on NPL’s DMG machine can rotate more in one direction than it can in the other. We were able to model this and automatically introduce unwinding movements when the machine limits were reached.” Steve Snodin, Operations Director for NPL Technologies said, “WorkNC 5-Axis gives us the advantages of a familiar interface, no retraining, rapid calculation times and a high quality finished part making it the ideal choice for us.” Colm Fox, Sescoi’s UK Sales Manager added, “We are delighted that NPL Technologies, an important member of the ARRK Group, has confirmed its long-term commitment to WorkNC based on our ability to continually supply software which optimises productivity for our customers.”

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