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febrero 1, 2004

Award winning 5-axis software from Sescoi

In December 2003 an exciting new award in CAD/CAM was created- Innovator of the Year! 12 medals were awarded by the prestigious German magazine CAD CAM to the best new products, as judged by a panel of experts, to come to the market in 2003. The strict criteria meant that the judges were searching for original and innovative concepts in each category e.g. CAD, CAM, CAE, hardware etc. After much debate, medals were awarded to each category winner. Sescoi is proud and delighted to announce that its new WorkNC module for automatic 3 to 5-axis machining - was a clear winner in the CAM category.

Automatic 3 to 5-axis machining new in WorkNC

Designed specifically for the tool and mouldmaking industry, Sescoi's new automatic 3 to 5-axis machining module enables engineers to machine deep cavities and complex high parts, utilising the very shortest tools on nearly all toolpaths. The use of short cutters enables a high feedrate to be achieved under optimal cutting conditions, providing significant benefits in cycle time and surface finish.

Easy programming is a key advantage of the WorkNC automatic 3 to 5-axis machining module. The programmer simply enters the tool length, the tool holder and the 5-axis machine to be used. WorkNC then automatically converts standard 3-axis toolpaths to collision free 5-axis toolpaths, tilting the tool just enough to cut the part or keeping the tool under certain conditions with respect to the surface. Because the creation of 5-axis toolpaths is automatic, guide surfaces and curves are unnecessary, making creation of 5-axis cutter paths trouble free.

The software allows for limitations in the rotational axes of the machine tool, automatically retracting to a safe position before revolving the axes ready for the next cut, applying it with a tangential or radial lead in to minimise shock loading. The anticipation of a coming angle limit enables automatic 3 to 5-axis machining to avoid the problem in advance while the surface is machined. Accurate visualisation of the toolpath shows the cutter movement and, by displaying a model of the machine, the actual movements of the machine axes. The postprocessed code exactly mirrors the simulation, containing all the necessary information required by the machine control, producing reliable and easy machining, synonymous with WorkNC.

The automatic 3 to 5-axis machining module is part of Sescoi's larger 5-axis package which includes planar finishing, rolling and curve machining for a broad range of applications.

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