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mayo 1, 2005

Complex aerospace parts are easy with WorkNC

Sescoi’s version 17 of WorkNC has addressed some of the particular needs of customers machining parts for the aerospace industry.

Machining of turbine and pump blades usually requires the toolpath to cut around the profile of the blade level by level, with the tool normal to the surface. The new 5-axis blade machining routine in WorkNC does just that. It can lift off at each pass before moving down to the next level producing a smooth path down the blade for an optimum surface finish. WorkNC also considers the angular rotation limits of the machine tool. Should these be exceeded during the rotation of the blade while it is being machined, the software will lift off and flip the axis so that cutting can continue with the machine working within its rotational limits.

To finish the blade edges, WorkNC version 17 provides 5-axis rolling. This toolpath machines a surface with the side of the cutter, producing a smooth surface finish and crisp accurate corners. Utilising 5-axis toolpaths makes it possible to machine with shorter and more rigid cutters, and to reach parts of the job which would be inaccessible in 3-axis machining.

Many aerospace parts need to be machined from solid to retain structural integrity. Features can include undercuts, thin walls and holes at compound angles. WorkNC has toolpaths to meet these demands. Its 5-axis toolpaths, including the automatic Auto5 module, will detect and machine undercuts.

For thin walls WorkNC has a specific routine which will rough, optimise and finish each level in turn. The benefit for the user is that at each stage uncut material is supporting the wall. Completely finishing the surface at each pass will minimise the side forces on the job and maximise its effective rigidity.

WorkNC Version 17 also includes 5-axis drilling to make short work of holes at compound angles. It quickly rotates the tool to line up with the hole, reducing the need to reset the part, which in turn will cut down unnecessary handling and setting, and increase accuracy and surface finish.

Currently in development, Version 18 will include powerful new functions particularly adapted to the needs of the aerospace industry including real time stock management during roughing ensuring 100% collision free toolpaths between the part and the tool/tool-holder. The new WorkNC 5-axis toolpaths under development will also include a suite of 3 new 5-axis toolpaths especially developed to mill simple or complex impellers.

Aerospace manufacturers frequently work in hard materials. To make this easier, Sescoi is currently developing Adaptive Trochoidal Roughing. This strategy will introduce a trochoidal movement in climb mode wherever a full width cut needs to be taken. Contact your local Sescoi office or distributor for details.

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Comunicados de prensa

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