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abril 20, 2005

Fast paced development for WorkNC

Sescoi is working on a host of new capabilities for WorkNC CAM/CAD software, aimed at shortening lead times and improving quality.

Manufacturers frequently work in hard materials. To make this easier, Sescoi is currently developing Adaptive Trochoidal Roughing. This strategy will introduce a trochoidal movement in climb mode wherever a full width cut needs to be taken. WorkNC’s Plunge Roughing is also being enhanced for hard materials. It provides a fast effective way of removing large amounts of material, especially in deep cavities.

Sescoi is developing additional 3-axis toolpaths. Spiral Core Roughing produces a continuous spiral toolpath at each Z-level. The advantage is a fluid trajectory for the tool and the minimum number of retracts. Sescoi is optimising its Re-roughing toolpath to cut in climb mode and automatically check for tool holder collisions while updating the stock and toolpath. The Z-level machining capability of WorkNC is also being enhanced, with optimised retractions. All these measures are targeted towards improving machining performance, security, quality and speed – vital for high speed, hard metal machining.

Sescoi’s revolutionary Auto5 machining is also seeing improvements with new options for the automatic conversion of 3-axis toolpaths to 5-axis. Additionally, new routines are being added for 5-axis Impeller Machining as well as a new departure into 5-axis laser cutting.

Sescoi is developing an integrated software package for 2 and 4-axis wire erosion. Using its toolmaking knowledge, it is concentrating on ease of use to make extraction of CAD data and generation of the wire path a simple process.

WorkNC-CAD users will also benefit from the developments. New tools to create morphing surfaces will ease the closing of complex boundaries. The new ability to manipulate the design will be a considerable boost to productivity and profitability.

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Comunicados de prensa

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