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More tools for toolmakers with WorkNC-CAD

WorkNC-CAD sees a raft of improvements for toolmakers to complement the latest Version 16 of Sescoi's automatic CAM software WorkNC. Tony Grew, Sales Manager, Sescoi UK Ltd. comments, "The new capabilities of WorkNC-CAD will have a big impact on the speed with which toolmakers can transform customer's designs into finished tooling. Combined with the innovative improvements in WorkNC Version 16, it will produce great productivity benefits for our customers."

Tony Grew continued, "Integration of WorkNC-CAD into WorkNC enables feature recognition of holes and pockets in imported CAD files to translate directly into prismatic toolpaths, using the new Hole Machining routines in Version 16. Furthermore, modified designs can quickly have their toolpaths recalculated by simply replacing the WorkNC geometry, producing a seamless link for the user and making manipulation of imported CAD data much easier."

Sescoi has also introduced new WorkNC-CAD Part Analysis and Draft Analysis features enable vertical and planar surfaces to be detected and make it possible to check the size and position of any draft angles before manufacture commences. In addition, Altitude Analysis quickly shows the depth of the job, so that the appropriate length of tool can be selected, while Curvature Analysis graphically shows concave surfaces, and minimum radii, so that the user can pick a tool of a suitable diameter to finish the part completely.

Further enhancements include a wider range of settings for the import of CAD data, to ensure successful manipulation of customer's designs, new tools for the creation of 2D drawings from 3D models, an improved graphical interface, and improvements in core and cavity separation.

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Comunicados de prensa

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