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junio 8, 2006

MyWorkPLAN and WorkNC engineer productivity at MACH

Sescoi has reported a high level of interest in MyWorkPLAN its new job management software launched at MACH. Colm Fox from Sescoi said, "Many SME manufacturers are outgrowing their in-house designed management systems. MyWorkPLAN provides the ideal tool to give them the cost control and job management information they need at an affordable cost."

My WorkPLAN was developed with ease of use in mind and comes with a ‘getting started' tutorial as well as a highly intuitive interface. These design considerations have overcome the lengthy training, implementation, and installation phases associated with management software. MyWorkPLAN integrates with the customer's existing software packages, such as MS Office®, and allows projects to be graphically analysed to enable the preparation of accurate quotations. All the documentation attached to each project is stored centrally, allowing key historical information to be both collated, easily retrieved and referred to as a source of data to improve performance, profitability, and the accuracy of costing. Investing in MyWorkPLAN provides a route to more extensive management control with Sescoi's WorkPLAN, giving users a clear upgrade path as their requirements grow.

Sescoi's automatic CAM software, WorkNC Version 18, which was also launched at the show, was well received by visitors to the NEC, particularly those taking their first steps into 3D machining. Feature recognition in WorkNC helps to make the transition easy, automatically identifying holes and hole types, while the new Adaptive Trochoidal Roughing maximises roughing performance by introducing trocoidal movements whenever full engagement of the tool is detected, helping to keep tool loads constant. To ensure optimum productivity, the new Dynamic Stock Management in WorkNC automatically updates the stock model after each roughing operation. Keeping track of the location of excess material minimises air cutting and ensures that the tool is removing material as effectively as possible.

For companies looking for 5-axis machining, WorkNC Auto5 has been enhanced in Version 18 to improve the smoothness of the toolpath and hence the quality of the surface finish. Auto5 is unique in its ability to transform 3-axis toolpaths into 5-axis toolpaths, making 5-axis programming a very simple task and bringing 5-axis machining within everyone's grasp.

Colm Fox concluded, "MACH has been a very good show for us. It signals a growth in investment in new technologies by UK manufacturers, so that they can deal more effectively with global competition."

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