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marzo 30, 2006

New from Sescoi at MACH - MyWorkPLAN job management and WorkNC Version 18

Sescoi's new job management software, MyWorkPLAN, and WorkNC Version 18 will both be making their debut at MACH 2006.

Sescoi has brought cost effective and easy to implement job management to its customers with MyWorkPLAN. The new innovative software, launched at the show, overcomes many of the complications of other management systems, and is designed for small and medium sized custom manufacturers. MyWorkPLAN is very easy to use with an attractive and intuitive interface and ‘getting started' tutorial. Lengthy installation and implementation is unnecessary, resulting in a software package which produces immediate results with the minimum of disruption and training for users, which is of crucial importance to small companies.

MyWorkPLAN integrates with the user's existing software, such as MS Office® and CAD. New projects can be graphically analysed thereby allowing the creation of accurate quotations. Furthermore, an innovative concept ensures all the documentation for each project is collated for easy evaluation of all the data, capturing key knowledge for reuse. The software comes with four modules for efficient job management, from creating quotations through to time and resource management, including keeping track of capacity and the simulation of new projects to predict realistic delivery dates.

WorkNC Version 18 includes a whole host of new developments. Sescoi's unique Auto5 machining routine has been improved, with new sensitivity parameters which control the smoothness and quality of the 5-axis toolpath, with additional options for the automatic conversion of 3-axis cutterpaths to 5-axis. Feature Recognition in Version 18 allows automatic hole detection from different sources of model data, including holes which are out of the X-Y plane. Logic cycles within the system automatically counterbore ejector holes, and split toolpaths during deep hole drilling where an intersecting hole is encountered, a common feature in mould cooling channels.

For machining very hard materials, WorkNC Version 18 now has Adaptive Trochoidal Roughing. When the software detects full engagement of the tool it automatically adds trochoidal tool movements, which reduce the cutting force and keep a steady load on the tool, preventing damage to the cutter and workpiece. New Dynamic Stock Management benefits all the roughing toolpaths in WorkNC, automatically updating the cut shape after each operation. This new capability ensures the tool is engaged with the job, avoids shock loading, and minimises air cutting.

WorkNC-CAD now includes solid modelling in Version 18. The sketcher makes it easy to create a solid model from parametised dimensions. Altering these allows the regeneration of a parametric solid model, which can be refined with blends and shelling operations. Powerful model repair tools have also been included in Version 18. These help in repairing and masking off areas of the model, increasing speed by a factor of 5-10.

MyWorkPLAN and WorkNC Version 18 will be on show at MACH 2006 in Hall 4, stand 4510/4.

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