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abril 21, 2008

New dedicated website for WorkPLAN Enterprise from Sescoi

To support its new generation ERP system, WorkPLAN Enterprise, Sescoi has gone live with a dedicated website which provides in depth information about the capabilities and benefits of the new software.

WorkPLAN Enterprise is a comprehensive management system developed for custom manufacturers such as mold and die makers, and companies producing special machines, prototypes and patterns. It gives extensive control and up to the minute information without the complexity normally associated with ERP

The website explains in detail how the software covers all aspects of the business including quotations, sales, planning and ‘what if’ simulation, purchasing, time management, quality compliance and key performance reporting. The site also helps companies to understand how ERP can help a business to flourish by increasing the accuracy of quotations, costing, and performance information, which will in turn have a direct impact on the levels of profitable business won, and margins achieved. White papers on the site provide an in depth look at different aspects of ERP, and factors such as specialized knowledge, modularity and maintenance which need to be considered when choosing a system for a particular industry.

The WorkPLAN Enterprise system has been designed with ease of use in mind and the site explains how this has been achieved and its importance for a rapid and successful implementation. Utilizing Sescoi’s 20 years experience, WorkPLAN Enterprise has industry best practice built in. Visitors to the site will be able to look at what this entails and use the return on investment pages to assess areas of a company’s business such as administration, stock levels and planning, that can be made more efficient through the introduction the system. According to Sescoi, savings can be between $45,000-120,000 (£25,000 and £60,000) per year.

Coming soon on will be video demonstrations of the software, detailed customer case studies, as well as many more white papers, making the site a valuable source of information for manufacturing companies. Interested parties can already sign up for a online personalized demonstration of the software at their convenience. There will be 8 dedicated country sites in 6 languages by the end of the year, with further languages to follow in 2009.

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