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New slant on 5-Axis with WorkNC Version 16

Sescoi's automatic CAM software WorkNC, which is used worldwide in the toolmaking industry, has taken a dramatic leap forward with the release of Version 16.

A new concept in 5-axis collision checking automatically applies continuous 5-axis movements to any of the 3-axis toolpaths available in WorkNC. The software considers the job, tooling, holder, and machine geometry to produce just enough 5-axis movement to enable the part to be safely machined. The benefit to the user is that 5-axis programming has never been simpler, shorter and stiffer cutters can be used, and higher feedrates and shorter cycle times can be achieved by avoiding unnecessary tilting of the tool, maintaining faster 3-axis movement wherever possible.

Version 16 of WorkNC also sees the introduction of a number of dedicated 5-axis toolpaths, including 5-axis Planar machining, which keeps the tool normal to the surfaces being cut, 5-axis Rolling where the side of the tool is cutting, ideal for aerospace applications, and 5-axis Curve machining routines, essential for trimming operations on vacuum formed parts.

In addition Sescoi has been using its experience to rewrite the roughing toolpaths in Version 16 to match the real needs of its users. WorkNC roughing operations, High Torque, High Feed, High Volume and Hard Material are designed to take into account the individual mix of end product, material, tooling and machine tools, which engineers have to consider every day to achieve maximum productivity.

Feature recognition and feature based hole machining have also been added to Version 16 of WorkNC and WorkNC-CAD. 2D holes and pockets which make up a significant proportion of the machining required for toolmaking are identified in WorkNC-CAD, and are then automatically machined in WorkNC, generating the appropriate canned cycle for the machine tool. This provides a foolproof method of quickly machining prismatic shapes.

Bruno Marko, President and founder of Sescoi, commented, "Version 16 of WorkNC represents a step change in the capabilities we can offer to our customers. A unique and practical approach to 5-axis machining enables engineers to take advantage of the benefits of this machining technology with the utmost confidence."

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