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marzo 29, 2005

Seminars from Sescoi and Hitachi Tool help Japanese engineers to become more efficient

Sescoi’s Japan office got 2005 off to a flying start by holding a series of machining efficiency improvement seminars featuring WorkNC in collaboration with Hitachi Tool.

The seminars were held in Japan’s major industrial centres - Aichi, Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Gunma, Niigata and Shizuoka and attracted over 300 people. Delegates were able to learn about the latest developments in WorkNC version 17, the new PVD coated miniature and 3D-cut tools from Hitachi Tool, and how by using the technology they could raise machining efficiency levels.

Delegates at Sescoi KK efficiency seminars

Kanji Hayashi, Product Development Manager, Sescoi KK elaborated, “The new 3D stock management, high torque roughing and thin wall machining in WorkNC offer some powerful tools for fast and efficient metal removal.”

Sescoi showed how WorkNC’s 3D stock management can keep track of the material removed in 3+2 machining operations. Delegates could see how accurate knowledge of exactly where there is remaining material greatly reduces air cutting and keeps the tool in the job for as long as possible. Not only does this reduce machining times, but it also cuts down on shock loading of the tool, helping to maximise tool life.

To complement the advances in the stock model, Sescoi also demonstrated how its high torque roughing allows 95% engagement of the tool, with corner looping to ensure complete removal of any residual material. By combining roughing with automatic detection and machining of flat areas the software simplifies programming by reducing the number of operations. Additionally, this combination optimises cutterpaths by eliminating duplicated moves, and by machining as much as possible at each pass.

The new thin wall machining in WorkNC is the ideal partner for the pencil neck tools shown by Hitachi Tool. These have an effective cutting depth of up to 54 mm, making it possible to cut very deep pockets, ribs and thin walls in one setting. The ability of WorkNC to rough and finish each level of a thin wall in turn allows the use of long tools by minimising tool loading and maximising the stiffness of the workpiece. Delegates could see, from a video showing the process in action on a Makino machine, how previously difficult parts could be cut without distortion of the tool or the component.

Kanji Hayashi was excited by advances in 5-axis machining, “WorkNC Auto 5 brings programmers a new gold standard in ease of use for 5-axis toolpath creation.” A cutting video and case study from Sescoi KK’s customer RYOBI showed how the software is able to automatically create a safe 5-axis toolpath from a simple 3-axis programme. The proliferation of 5-axis machine tools has made it imperative to have an easy method of creating efficient toolpaths. The benefits of 5-axis machining were clearly shown in the video. Shorter and more rigid tools can be used and produce significant improvements in surface finish and accuracy. Also, being able to reach more of the part in one setting reduces the number of operations, cuts handling and eliminates inaccuracies caused by resetting. Kanji Hayashi added, “Combining the cutters offered by Hitachi Tool and Auto 5 from Sescoi will play a key role in making these advantages easily attainable for every company that invests in 5-axis machine tools.”

Delegates also had a chance to see the dedicated simultaneous 5-axis capabilities in version 17 of WorkNC which include 5-axis planar finishing where the tool is held normal to the surface; 5-axis profiling which is ideal for trimming components; 5-axis blade machining for turbine blades; and 5 axis tube machining which is capable of spiralling down the inside wall of a tube or complex cavity. All of these 5-axis routines are protected by WorkNC’s tool collision checking, which considers the tool, the holder and the machine kinematics. Kanji Hayashi added, “The software automatically introduces retract and axis flip movements when a collision is detected or when the machine tool limits are reached, ensuring error free programming.”

The series of seminars organised by Sescoi KK and Hitachi Tool have been well received by Japanese engineers, giving them a chance to find out about advances in technology and how to apply them to improve productivity and efficiency in their own companies. Kanji Hayashi concluded, “The response to our seminar programme has been very gratifying, building on the success we enjoyed last year with the series of seminars we ran in collaboration with Mori Seiki. Sharing a platform with Hitachi Tool has enabled us to offer many new insights to production efficiency.”

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