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febrero 7, 2008

Sescoi aims to grow it distribution network

Sescoi wishes to expand its worldwide reseller coverage for its CAM/CAD software WorkNC and its job management system MyWorkPLAN. The company invested Euros 2.5 million in software development in 2006, culminating in the launch of WorkNC G3, the third generation of its class leading CAM/CAD system.

By combining automation with reliability and ease of use, for applications from 2D right through to continuous 5-axis machining, WorkNC G3 gives resellers the opportunity to offer customers a system which has been proven at the highest levels. The most widely used CAM system by Japanese mold & die makers, WorkNC is used around the world by all US, European and Japanese carmakers, and well as big names in a number of other industries, including Eurocopter, Samsung, RYOBI, Playmobil and the ARRK Group.

Latest developments within the software improve the interaction with, and the analysis of, CAD data through the introduction of one ergonomic environment for design, CNC programming, toolpath editing and simulation. New intelligent toolpaths enhance smooth cutting and provide extended automated functions for 5-axis machining.

Support and training for resellers will be available from Sescoi’s regional offices in the USA, France, UK, Germany, Spain, China, India and Japan.
In-depth knowledge of the capabilities of the software will enable resellers to maximize margins. Furthermore, account development opportunities exist from offering additional WorkNC services and modules, as well as Sescoi’s job management software MyWorkPLAN.

MyWorkPLAN interfaces directly with CAD and CAM systems, extracting and analyzing the information necessary to produce quotations with pinpoint accuracy. The software monitors job progress through the workshop and controls costs, times and stock levels. Real time information gathered from around the factory helps companies to achieve on time delivery within budget, in a system which is easy to install and operate, producing a rapid return on investment.

Sescoi works closely with its dealer network, helping it to offer innovative and profitable solutions to manufacturers, thus making a significant contribution to reseller margins. Companies interested in joining the network should contact Sescoi.

WorkNC interface within estimating module

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