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enero 2, 2009

Sescoi and OSG Corporation run a joint productivity technology seminar

Sescoi has been working in partnership for many months with Japanese drills and tools specialist, OSG to provide practical, intelligent solutions to numerous, common machining problems. Results of this ongoing collaboration were presented and discussed at the joint ‘WorkNC Lab.1’ working seminar held at the OSG Technical Center, Toyokawa City, Aichi, Japan in November 2008.

Experts from both companies demonstrated some of the latest machining techniques to 140 representatives from leading Japanese companies, including the Ahresty Group, Hitachi Ltd, RYOBI Limited, Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd, and the Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

New products demonstrated by OSG included its variable lead end mill, which produces stable cutting conditions and long tool life in difficult to machine materials, and its diamond coated end mills for graphite, which minimize work piece chipping.

Engineers were able to see how the automated cutting routines in WorkNC can be stored and automatically reapplied to new parts, dramatically reducing programming times and maintaining consistent and reliable machining methods for similar parts. In particular, the OSG tool database was added to WorkNC so that the ideal cutting conditions could always be selected from within the software.

Machining directly into hard material can produce some significant savings in the production of EDM electrodes and the time required for the EDM process. Sescoi and OSG demonstrated how high speed machining can be reliably and successfully achieved by using the correct tooling, feeds and speeds. WorkNC includes trochoidal movements combined with climb milling to minimize shock loading on the tool and to optimize cutting performance. New levels of accuracy within its algorithms, and the use of 5-axis techniques in Auto 5, enable shorter and more rigid cutters to be used for fine detail. This enabled engineers to see how they could easily reduce their requirements for EDM.

WorkNC is the number one system for toolmakers in Japan according to the Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper, and the popularity of this working seminar has reinforced its leading position. Recent successes by WorkNC users in the Mori Seiki Cutting Dream Contest, and in the machining of an intricate Samurai Kabuto helmet from solid material, have proved the technical capabilities of both the system and its users, allowing delegates to appreciate the benefits they can achieve in their own companies by using its advanced technology.

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