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junio 4, 2007

Sescoi and Seco work in partnership to demonstrate the latest machining techniques

Sescoi, renowned for its WorkNC CAM/CAD software, will be a Seco partner for three days of practical demonstrations of the latest techniques in hard material cutting, as well as both high speed and trochoidal machining. The open days, at Seco’s French headquarters in Bourges, are scheduled for 19th 20th and 21st June.

As well as visiting the Seco plant, visitors will be able to see the latest Seco tooling innovations, learn about latest 5-axis machining and high speed technology from Mikron, and have a preview of WorkNC G3.

WorkNC G3 is the third generation of Sescoi’s automatic CAM/CAD software, and features an integrated ergonomic interface which combines geometry, model analysis, machining and toolpath verification. Trochoidal machining capabilities have been extended to curves and keyways in this latest version of WorkNC. The system automatically detects when a full width cut is being taken and adds spiral trochoidal tool movements, which eliminate shock loading, generate a fluid cutterpath, and extend tool life.

High speed machining of hard materials requires a smooth toolpath without abrupt direction changes, WorkNC G3 achieves this with intelligent lead ins, and automatic machining of the base of walls, building on the existing algorithms for smooth motion. These new features stop the tool from marking the part and, when combined with enhancements in collision avoidance for the tool and holder, ensure that the finished part meets the most demanding quality standards.

Much of the focus of the open days will be on the latest 5-axis machining technology. As well as viewing the ground breaking WorkNC Auto 5 which automatically converts 3-axis tool paths into 5-axis toolpaths, visitors will preview the enhanced 5-axis functionality in WorkNC G3. This includes extra functions which consider the start and end angles of the tool, as well as offering improved toolpath collision checking and association of stock allowance to the 3D surface. Sescoi is looking forward to welcoming visitors to their booth and providing them with the knowledge and capability to manufacture parts in the most efficient and cost effective way.

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Comunicados de prensa

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