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septiembre 20, 2007

Sescoi brings its 3rd generation software to Airtec

Sescoi will be exhibiting WorkNC G3 the third generation of its CAM/CAD software at the 2007 Airtec show from 23rd to 26th October in Frankfurt. Airtec is one of Europe’s premier exhibitions for the aerospace industry and, in 2006, attracted in excess of 8,700 visitors from 37 nations.

WorkNC is already used extensively by aerospace OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers including such companies as Eurocopter and Snecma. The new 3rd generation of the software, launched to coincide with Sescoi’s 20th anniversary, brings some significant productivity improvements to manufacturers in this demanding sector.

WorkNC G3’s ergonomic integrated interface unites design, analysis, machining and verification into one environment, simplifying part manipulation and giving greater control over toolpath trajectory. Tight tolerances, high quality and surface finish, 5-axis machining, and tough materials are common features of aerospace components. WorkNC G3 includes new machining routines which promote climb milling, trochoidal movement and smooth transitions. These features reduce shock loading of the tool and contribute to surface quality by optimising cutting conditions. The new software also dynamically updates the stock model as machining progresses, to ensure that the tool is always engaged with the material. This eliminates air cutting and keeps cutter loads within acceptable limits.

For aerospace customers new 5-axis routines are included in WorkNC G3 for impeller and blade machining. Additionally, there are improvements to Sescoi’s unique Auto 5 toolpath. Auto 5 automatically translates 3-axis toolpaths to 5-axis, increasing the proportion of the part which can be completed in one hit, and allowing the use of shorter and more rigid tools. The enhancements provide more machining options and an even smoother cutterpath.

Verification in WorkNC G3 considers the tool, its holder and the complete machine tool structure, together with the axis limitations when checking a cutterpath. The advances in the new version will allow aerospace manufacturers to cut low volume, high value components with confidence, so that they can achieve and exceed quality, accuracy, and productivity targets.

Sescoi will also be exhibiting its job management software MyWorkPLAN. This solution adds to manufacturing efficiency by controlling costs through real time monitoring of profitability and productivity.

Sescoi can be visited in Hall 3.0 on stand C107.

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