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mayo 20, 2007

Sescoi celebrates 20 years of success

Sescoi, is renowned for its easy to use manufacturing software solutions and its intimate knowledge of the mold, die and tooling industry. Perhaps less well known is the fact that it is now 20 years since Bruno Marko, Chairman and founder of Sescoi, was inspired to create the automatic 3D CAM software which resulted in the launch of its flagship product, WorkNC. Since then, the company has expanded to become a leader in its field, with offices throughout the world.

Sescoi was founded in 1987, in Macon, where the company still has its headquarters. Shortly after, WorkNC was launched. Demand quickly took off and the company expanded its operation to the USA in 1991. Since then, subsidiaries have been opened successively in Germany, Japan, the UK, Spain, India and, most recently, China. Each office provides Sescoi customers with unbeatable service and technical support, generating strong loyalty – many customers have been using Sescoi’s software since its launch. Today, most of Sescoi’s business comes from customer recommendation.

Along with the international expansion, pioneering developmental work was also taking place, particularly with reference to 3D machining in the toolmaking industry. From experience gained in partnership with toolmakers, Sescoi developed WorkPLAN, its ERP software that launched in 1992. In 2006, this was joined by its MyWorkPLAN job management system. These are both designed for custom manufacture, helping companies to create accurate quotations, control costs and achieve delivery, quality and profit targets.

As the machining market became increasingly sophisticated, Sescoi responded with the introduction, in 2002, of WorkNC-CAD. This enabled the manipulation of solid and surface models ready for machining, providing tools for core and cavity separation, surface repair and electrode generation, adding to the efficiency of programmers. Developments at Sescoi continued as its engineers launched 5-axis machining, including its revolutionary Auto 5 system. This automatically changes 3-axis toolpaths into 5-axis, for unprecedented ease of programming.

The next stage in the progress of Sescoi will come with the upcoming release of WorkNC G3 - a new generation of CAM/CAD software, integrating all user interfaces and setting new standards in ergonomic CAM/CAD operation and productivity.

Bruno Marko summed up the company’s achievements, “The past 20 years have seen Sescoi grow into a multi-national company, and become a leader in its field. With the commitment of its staff, and thousands of satisfied customers, the next two decades are going to be equally exciting and profitable for all concerned.”

Bruno Marko, chairman and founder of Sescoi

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