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enero 15, 2007

Sescoi collaborates with Aylesbury Training Group's CoVE for vocational training

Following the supply of WorkNC CAM/CAD software, Sescoi has established a collaborative agreement in the UK with Aylesbury Training Group’s Engineering CoVE (Centre of Vocational Excellence). The centre’s aim is to produce appropriately qualified and skilled workers, with excellent employment and career prospects, through vocational training to meet the needs of the UK economy.

The Engineering CoVE works in collaboration with five partner organisations: Aylesbury Training Group, ISIS Training Services, Abingdon and Witney College, Pera and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. The introduction of WorkNC for the 5-axis programming of its Mikron machining centre will enable CoVE students to study the latest techniques in metal cutting, including high speed machining using the smooth trochoidal cutterpaths in the software. It will also help them to understand the benefits of 5-axis machining with the unique Auto 5 module in WorkNC, which automatically converts 3-axis toolpaths into 5-axis. With the Engineering CoVE’s customers in the automotive, aerospace, marine, motorsport and general mechanical industries, access to the technology and training partnerships centred around it will be particularly valuable to these highly sophisticated sectors.

Sescoi anticipates that the CoVE will be a valuable training resource for its customers, and an ideal venue for events, seminars and machining trials, enabling it to evaluate cutting technology in a controlled environment. Additionally, the collaboration will allow Sescoi to network with the partner companies and their clients, enabling it to bring them the same benefits from 5-axis machining as it has brought to the CoVE.

The collaboration has also given Sescoi the opportunity to introduce the partner companies to MyWorkPLAN, its easy to use job management software. Colm Fox, UK Sales Manager for Sescoi concluded, “We are very excited about the benefits of working with the CoVE and its partners. Not only will we be able help trainees use the most advanced machining techniques, but we will also be able to showcase all our software at the new venue in the South of England, and be part of technology transfer programmes when recommended by the partner companies.”

Russell Barton of ATG on WorkNC and Sescoi “I am delighted we are now using WorkNC to run our 5-axis milling machine. Having used several machining packages in the past and at present, I am very impressed with the ease of generating programs. The benefits have been immediately obvious, with a reduction in machining times and an improvement in surface finish on many of our components. The Auto 5 function which converts 3-axis toolpaths to 5-axis simultaneous toolpaths is superb, and very quick and easy to use”.

“This new partnership between ATG and Sescoi can only benefit all concerned. With the resources now available to offer CAD/CAM and CNC Milling training, and the use of the facilities for companies wishing to see the benefits of these applications on their products, I believe we will see a steep rise in the number of companies realizing their production potential”.

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