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marzo 8, 2010

Sescoi partners with the IMTMA to raise Indian toolmaking skill levels

Sescoi has become a partner of the IMTMA Technology Center in Bangalore, India. The IMTMA (the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association) aims to promote technology initiatives in India through partnerships with industry, academia and respected institutes such as Germany’ Fraunhofer IPT.
The association also provides training events for engineers who are offered the benefit of a digital classroom, shop floor experience, plant visits and access to industry experts. As part of this program, Sescoi has supplied a number of licenses of WorkNC, its automatic CAD/CAM software, for training use in the IMTMA’s new Technology Centre.

Sescoi has also been participating in a series of IMTMA seminars being held in major Indian manufacturing cities. The latest was a two-day event based on the theme of ‘Improving Effectiveness of Toolroom Engineers’ that took place in Pune. Delegates included representatives from Mahindra & Mahindra, Kennametal India and Tyco Electronics.

Sescoi provided an overview of the current status of Indian toolroom methods, concentrating on customer expectations and typical problems encountered by toolrooms, and outlined how many of these can be overcome by using the right methods and software systems.

SMED, (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) can have a major impact on manufacturing times. Sescoi engineers explained how this methodology, which includes standardization, mechanization, and the elimination of fasteners, will dramatically reduce the amount of setting time between jobs and hence the down time on the machine. By implementing its principles, companies can economically make small numbers of parts, which is a feature of the toolmaking industry.

The benefits of using a specialized ERP system for toolmakers were also made apparent via a demonstration of Sescoi’s WorkPLAN Enterprise ERP and MyWorkPLAN job management systems. Delegates were able to see how the software would enable them to produce accurate quotations from CAD data and historic information, manage their production schedule and quality targets, and keep track of key performance indicators in real time. These Sescoi solutions have been designed for ease of use and tailored to suit custom manufacturers such as tool and die makers where lifetime management of the part from manufacture, to delivery, to repair is critical.

Sescoi looks forward to continuing collaboration with the IMTMA and assisting with its technology transfer and educational programs for Indian toolmakers.

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