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abril 16, 2008

Sescoi to Present Tips for Successful 5-Axis Machining at Conference during MoldMaking Expo 08

Sescoi will be exhibiting its latest CAM/CAD software WorkNC G3, its new ERP software WorkPLAN Enterprise, and its job management system MyWorkPLAN, in booth 627 at the MoldMaking Expo 08 on the 23rd and 24th of April at the Rock Financial Showplace, Novi, Michigan, USA. Aimed specifically at the mold making industry, the show has a full conference program, and Jeff Jaje, Marketing & Business Development Manager from Sescoi and Dan Bayn, CAM Manager from AV Gauge will be presenting a study on Successful Five-Axis Machining for Mold Manufacture.

They will be illustrating how 5-axis machining allows the use of short rigid cutters and how it enables more of the part to be machined in one setting, together with the resulting benefits which include fewer EDM sinking operations and shorter cycle times. Additionally, tips for common problems when choosing, implementing and using 5-Axis machining will be discussed.

WorkNC G3, the third generation of Sescoi’s automatic CAM/CAD software, will be demonstrated on the Sescoi booth. The system features a new ergonomic integrated interface which combines design, analysis, CNC programming, toolpath editing and simulation, as well as new toolpath algorithms for smoother cutterpaths and 5-axis machining. WorkNC includes dedicated 5-axis routines for blade and impeller machining as well as its unique and innovative Auto5, which allows for machining the deepest portions of a mold with the shortest tool possible, providing simultaneous 5-Axis functionality with the ease and flexibility of WorkNC’s 3-Axis cutterpaths.

Efficient process and resource management can have a considerable impact on profitability. Sescoi will be demonstrating their WorkPLAN Enterprise ERP and MyWorkPLAN job management systems at the show. Moldmakers will be interested to see how both these systems can link to WorkNC CAM software enabling users to view WorkNC documentation showing details of toolpaths, machining times, calculation times and tools selected for any project. The machining time calculated by WorkNC is imported into the systems to enable the creation of an accurate cost budget.

Both management systems also offer a fully integrated CAD Analyzer enabling the extraction and analysis of key CAD data in a range of formats such as IGES, STEP, Catia V4 and V5, UG and Parasolid. With the Analyzer tool, users can determine a range of cost related variables such as part dimensions, volumes, complexity, tool sizes required, correct fixturing, etc.

Combine this CAD/CAM data with the systems’ ability to mine previous projects for comparable data using the systems’ “characteristic technical criteria” – variables defining the complexity and characteristics of a project - and managers have all the information they need to copy, paste, edit and produce accurate quotations, extremely quickly.

All of Sescoi’s software packages are designed with ease of use in mind. WorkNC makes programming of the most complex parts both simple and safe, while WorkPLAN Enterprise and MyWorkPLAN manage production and provide key business information from software which is easy to implement and operate.

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