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Smooth out roughing with WorkNC

Version 16 of WorkNC, the automatic CAM software from Sescoi, provides new methods for CNC roughing, which address the complex productivity problems faced by engineers.

Sescoi's development team has looked at the real problems facing customers such as a mixture of materials being cut, with hard, tough and free machining properties; a range of different tooling; and a mix of machine tools, which have high speed or high torque capabilities. "The ability to choose exactly the right roughing toolpath to suit the users individual circumstances provides choice and a huge productivity boost," said Tony Grew, Sales Manager for Sescoi UK Ltd. "In addition the new toolpaths can all be used for re-roughing, minimising wasted movement and quickly arriving at a form ready for finishing operations."

For machine tools with plenty of power available at the spindle, WorkNC has High Torque roughing, this is designed for large depths of cut and around 95% engagement of the tool, together with radial looping in the corners to avoid dwelling, and to remove any residual material. WorkNC High Volume roughing, again for powerful machines, bores away large amounts of material, rapidly arriving close to the finished shape, especially with free cutting material.

For high speed machine tools (HSM), WorkNC has High Feed roughing, which takes small stepovers, and small depths of cut, combined with radial corner movements, ideal for high feedrates at low torque. WorkNC Hard Material roughing goes a stage further, ensuring that the tool never takes a full diameter cut, with the danger of shock loading and tool breakage, problems which will be eliminated by the reliable and safe toolpaths in WorkNC.

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Comunicados de prensa

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