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enero 12, 2006

Version 18 WorkNC - roughing just got better!

Adaptive Trochoidal Roughing is a major improvement to the already powerful roughing routines in WorkNC CAM/CAD software. This toolpath, new in Version 18, offers some important benefits when cutting hard and very hard material. The software automatically detects when a full diameter cut is being taken by the tool, and introduces trochoidal moves into the cutterpath. WorkNC carries out the same process for lead-in and contouring movements, again adding helicoidal lead-ins wherever possible.

This new toolpath will enable users to machine at much higher feedrates with confidence, by maintaining a constant tool load and eliminating sudden direction changes. In addition, avoidance of shock loading to the cutter will have a positive impact on tool life and reliability. To provide further control, the programmer can alter the parameters for trochoidal movement by specifying the step forward or by truncating the trochoidal pattern - adjustments which will have an effect on tool loading.

The trochoidal capability in WorkNC Version 18 has also been included in its groove machining toolpaths. In addition to box and lace patterns, users can specify a trochoidal pattern to make it easier to cut deep grooves and keyways.

For cores and islands, Sescoi is also launching Spiral Core Roughing in Version 18. Designed to machine each level in a single spiral path, the new routine minimises the number of retracts, limiting it to one per pass. By optimising the path for cylindrical shapes, Sescoi's development team has achieved a fluid cutter path which will allow very fast machining with a constant tool load.

Sescoi's popular High Torque Re-Roughing has been rewritten for Version 18. The toolpath now favours spiral movements and climb machining, wherever possible, to provide improved cutting conditions. For better performance in HSM, corner loops have been replaced by deformed corner radii and large corner radii incorporated elsewhere. The result is fewer retract movements, a much smoother toolpath, and constant loading on the cutter.

All the improvements in rough machining in WorkNC Version 18 benefit from its new dynamic stock management. As each roughing operation is completed the model of the remaining stock is updated in real-time. This results in optimum tool engagement with the material which cuts machining times and increases tool life, further adding to the cost savings enjoyed by Sescoi customers.

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