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enero 11, 2006

Wire EDM steps forward with WorkNC Version 18

Version 18 of WorkNC provides improvements in Sescoi's new Wire EDM module. The software offers programming for 2 and 4-axis wire paths, controlled from the easy to use WorkNC interface.

Section extraction tools allow multiple 2D profiles for wire cutting to be created directly from the most complex 3D models, making it possible to prepare intricate shapes for eroding with a few mouse clicks. Additional tools enable the user to automatically fix any gaps encountered in a 2D profile caused by out of tolerance designs. To provide further control, the programmer can specify gap fixing allowances and then preview where corrections are to be made to ensure that the desired wire path will be achieved.

Wire cutting routines include multiple passes to rough and finish the component in one operation, tab specification to hold the part in place after cutting has been completed, tab removal functions, and the application of machine offsets for maximum accuracy.

Verification of the wire path is achieved through WorkNC's graphics which ensure that every wire cutting operation will function correctly and be error free. In addition, postprocessors are included for all popular machine types with NC code tailored to support each individual machine's technology and subroutines. This allows users to be productive immediately.

The ability to programme both machining centres and wire EDM machines from one system will offer some major benefits to customers. Sescoi's comprehensive knowledge of toolmaking and the familiar, user friendly, WorkNC interface combine to provide a practical and easy to use system which will reduce the learning curve and make the technology accessible to more people.

The improvements in this new module are part of Sescoi's aim to give toolmakers the most comprehensive and reliable software systems and to help them compete profitably in a global market.

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Comunicados de prensa

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