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enero 17, 2006

WorkNC Auto 5 - even smoother in Version 18

Auto 5, Sescoi's unique approach to 5-axis machining, has been enhanced to produce smoother toolpaths in WorkNC Version 18.

Auto 5 enables users to programme a 5-axis job as though it were 3-axis. The software interprets the 3-axis toolpaths and automatically changes them to 5-axis within the limitations of the machine tool. By using Auto 5, 5-axis machining becomes a simple programming task, demystifying it and bringing it within the reach of every engineering company.

The advantages of 5-axis machining, using shorter and more rigid cutters, reaching deeper parts of the job and machining undercuts can all be enjoyed by users of Auto 5. Now with the improvements in Version 18 the toolpath generated is considerably smoother, reducing irregular movement and producing a visibly better surface finish.

To achieve the enhancements, Sescoi has developed new sensitivity parameters which control the level of reaction to convex movements. A slider bar allows detailed adjustments to be made, which in turn alter the smoothness and quality of the toolpath to best suit the part being machined. Settings within Auto 5 include constant to the axis of machining, constant repulsive, and constant attracting. By utilising the different settings to convert 3-axis toolpaths, users can obtain a high level of control over the 5-axis toolpaths generated by Auto 5, enabling them to optimise cutting methods and conditions.

During the conversion process, WorkNC Auto 5 considers the machine's kinematics, avoiding collisions and respecting angular limitations, automatically introducing flip movements to make it possible to safely reach as much of the job as possible without overloading the machining centre.

The concept of Sescoi's revolutionary Auto 5 system is part of the company's aim to make the most complex machining tasks as easy as possible. The new developments in Version 18 make successful machining in 5-axis quicker, safer, and to a higher quality standard through toolpath fluidity.

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Comunicados de prensa

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