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julio 8, 2007

WorkNC G3 to be launched in the UK at TCT

Following its official release at EMO, Sescoi will be launching WorkNC G3 in the UK at TCT 2007 on 26th and 27th September at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

WorkNC G3 is the third generation of Sescoi’s CAM/CAD software and marks the 20th anniversary of the company. The software’s new integrated and ergonomic interface combines design, analysis, manufacture and verification into one environment, making it much easier and quicker to handle the most complex projects.

Advances in machining include new algorithms for Z-Level Finishing and Flat Surface machining which offer fluid toolpaths and helicoidal movements between levels, ideal for high speed machining. 5-axis machining also benefits from the new smoother toolpaths, while its user interface has been optimized to make 5-axis toolpath programming as easy as it is for 3-axis. In addition, new 4-axis cutterpaths for blade machining have been introduced.

WorkNC G3 includes new capabilities for highlighting collided surfaces as well as warnings when the tool or holder moves closer to the surface than a specified distance. WorkNC G3 has higher levels of accuracy and speed, which cut verification times and pinpoint the location of a collision.

Sescoi will also be demonstrating the latest version of MyWorkPLAN, its job management software. Its fast implementation and simple operation has been enhanced with the addition of modules for scheduling, stock control, advanced time management, purchasing and advanced bill of materials. MyWorkPLAN links to popular software packages such as Sage, Microsoft Project, and Excel allowing companies to make the best use of existing methods, data and skills. The software is ideally suited to custom manufactures such as rapid prototypers and toolmakers, helping them to operate more efficiently and cost effectively. Tailored to these types of applications, with the experience and knowledge that Sescoi has accumulated over its 20 years in business, MyWorkPLAN can make an important contribution to profitability.

Visitors to TCT will be amongst the first in the UK to see for themselves how their businesses can be enhanced by combining the productivity improvements in WorkNC G3 with the business control possible with MyWorkPLAN.

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