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mayo 11, 2009

WorkNC V20 user seminars popular across France

Sescoi presented the latest version of its automatic CAM/CAD software WorkNC V20, and its award winning high-speed collaborative viewer WorkXPlore 3D, at a series of user seminars held throughout France over the past few weeks.

Engineers from companies such as Valeo, Ermo, Allio, Loire Etude and Seva Saint Gobain attended the popular sessions to learn more about the new and enhanced functionality, as well as ever greater advances in automation, available in Version 20 of WorkNC.

The sessions included a presentation from the CETIM (the French Industrial and Mechanical Technical Center). Sescoi has been working with the CETIM and partner companies from the medical device, precision component and moldmaking sectors on a high-speed 5-axis machining project. CETIM’s presentation outlined the project group’s innovative approach to cutting difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and cobalt based steels, and how it is building up a knowledge base of machining methods and cutting conditions to optimize the process. Some of this knowledge is already being incorporated into WorkNC.

Innovations in WorkNC V20 previewed by the seminar attendees included a number of new functions such as global finishing and interactive drilling. Auto 5, WorkNC’s module that takes 3-axis toolpaths and automatically transforms them into collision free 5-axis toolpaths, has been enhanced with spiral finishing and lollipop cutter support. The R&D investment in WorkNC over many years has resulted in a versatile automatic CAM/CAD system which is ideal for all industries, from aerospace through to medical, where precise and reliable machining operations, fast programming and ease of use are vital.

Leading French moldmaker, George Pernoud, spoke of the rapid return on investment (34 day pay back period) the company had achieved using Sescoi’s latest software tool, the WorkXPlore 3D high-speed collaborative viewer. Pernoud has seen time spent on each project slashed by up to 50% since they installed the Manufacturing Pro version of the software. Representatives from the company outlined how they were now able to import CAD model data from a wide variety of design systems, then combine it and share it around the company and through their supply chain. Tools within the software enable users in Pernoud to work collaboratively and concurrently to analyze, mark-up and measure each design, and thereby greatly reduce time to market.

Sescoi’s customers voted the seminars a success, giving them good insight into the ever greater productivity benefits delivered by WorkNC V20 and WorkXPlore 3D, which could be profitably and quickly applied to their own operations.

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