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WorkNC makes easy work of 5-axis

WorkNC from Sescoi is well known for its automatic 3-axis toolpaths. Now with the launch of WorkNC Version 16, users can also generate continuous 5-axis toolpaths automatically. For most applications it is unnecessary to programme the whole part in 5-axis. Sescoi has addressed this issue by using 5-axis collision checking against the job, tool, holder, and machine geometry in all its normal 3-axis toolpaths.

For the engineer, creating a 5-axis programme is now very simple indeed, as the part is programmed automatically using WorkNC's extensive range of cycles as though it were to be cut in 3-axis. By then applying the 5-axis collision checking, WorkNC automatically adds sufficient 5-axis movement to each toolpath to reach and safely cut the complete job. The benefits for WorkNC customers are clear, 5-axis programming has become a practical reality for everyday use, and expensive 5-axis machine tools can be utilised to the full. Unnecessary 5-axis movements are eliminated along with the risk of potential collisions, and shorter cycle times can be achieved by reduced rotation of the machine axes combined with the higher feedrates possible with robust tooling.

For more specialist applications WorkNC also includes 5-axis Planar Finishing, 5-axis Rolling, and two types of 5-axis Curve machining. The first cycle keeps the tool normal or at a specified lead or lag angle to the surfaces being cut, and allows the use of a flat bottomed or ball ended cutter, helping to produce a superior surface finish. 5-axis Rolling enables machining with the side of the cutter, and is ideal for parts which have undercut walls, a common feature for aerospace components. The 5-axis Curve machining routines enable cutting normal to the surface or rolling along the surface, following a three dimensional curve, making it particularly suitable for trimming operations popular in the vacuum forming industry.

Innovative thinking about 5-axis machining at Sescoi has arrived at a practical solution for easy to use, productive, and safe machining methods, a hallmark of WorkNC.

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Comunicados de prensa

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