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noviembre 15, 2004

WorkPLAN Version 11 expands its repertoire to include order based component manufacturing

Version 11, the latest software release of Sescoi’s WorkPLAN manufacturing management software, now supports batch production of components. Already well known for controlling production in custom manufacture environments such as special purpose machines and toolmaking, it can now also be utilised by subcontractors, general mechanical engineers or any industry that needs to make customised components in batches.

The new software includes material requirements planning to control manufacturing resource and raw material requirements. Automatic calculation of requirements is possible utilising information about the number of operations, length of operations and components manufacturing structure. Historic data combined with live feedback from the shop floor, enables the calculations to be completed with reference to the actual circumstances at any moment in the workshop, ensuring that resulting plans are realistic.

Control of batch numbers and serial numbers for each component provides a physical track of the progress of parts through the shop floor. Tracking these numbers allows full traceability, which is a vital requirement for many critical parts especially for the automotive, defence and aerospace industry. WorkPLAN also includes sophisticated management reports, making it possible to measure performance as production is progressing. Timely data enables engineers to react appropriately to production problems as they occur, and check that parts are meeting quality standards profitably.

The new capability in WorkPLAN Version 11 to control batch production will widen its appeal, and be particularly useful for companies who also manufacture one off and special components and assemblies

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