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julio 7, 2005

WorkPLAN Version 12 Preview at EMO – transparency and visibility

Sescoi will be giving visitors to EMO in Hannover (14-21 September) a chance to preview the developments in WorkPLAN version 12, its manufacturing management software designed for toolmakers and custom manufacturers.

Enhanced load planning will include the ability to place tasks based on PERT methodology, making it possible to easily review task lists allocated to each resource. Controlling their loading will give an overall picture of the status of shop floor activity, helping to alert engineers to potential instances of overload which could compromise delivery targets and trigger the need for subcontracting. Jobs can be added to the load planning in the click of a mouse.

Multi-site management for companies with multiple locations is enhanced in the next version of WorkPLAN. It will be possible to define user rights to suit each location, giving better access and control functions. Internal subcontracting between group companies will also be simplified by automating job creation. Additionally, touch screens at each site will be filtered to present only relevant information, for example, lists of parts to be manufactured on that site.

Sescoi is also optimising the detailed planning function at the operation level for companies that need individual feedback on the status of each resource. The system allows the tracking of actual operation times and recalculation of the plan based on real time data. The detailed planning function will later evolve to consider secondary resources, optimising the flow of work through the factory by considering alternative routes for production operations.

At the top level, WorkPLAN version 12 will be able to automatically create all the requirements for a mould tool or a job from the order. The system will track the whereabouts of each tool whether its located on site or at a subcontractor’s, the number of parts produced by each tool, thus ensuring timely maintenance, and automatically generate a maintenance job in order to track the costs of repair.

WorkPLAN is specialised in controlling production within the custom manufacturing environment and since Version 11 has also supported the batch production of components. The changes to component orientated manufacture in version 12 will bring requirements calculation capability to users through improved algorithms, which will provide better control of modifications and enhanced visibility to the production process.

WorkPLAN uses touch screens around the factory and office to capture data, these will operate off-line in version 12. If the server is down for maintenance or repair, data can still be recorded on the touch screens obviating the need to suspend I/O activities during these periods, minimising the disruption of manufacturing.

As part of the revolutionary Andiamo© concept which automates workflow across the entire production chain, WorkPLAN version 12 includes an interface with Zwicker’s ‘Winstat’ system. Winstat works with automated equipment to automatically start operations, delivering the necessary data such as CNC programmes. The Winstat interface will use WorkPLAN’s data breakdown to record operation times directly from the machines, closing the loop by tracking the progress of parts through the workshop.

The enhancements in the latest version of WorkPLAN will help custom manufacturing companies to manage their business processes more effectively, with accurate cost control and delivery dates. The transparency and visibility made possible by WorkPLAN version 12 will make it easier to monitor performance metrics, optimising profit levels and exceeding customer expectations.

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