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junio 8, 2005

Worldwide Support - Sescoi Forges Links in China

Sescoi, known worldwide for its automatic CAM/CAD software WorkNC, is pleased to announce that it has recently signed a distribution agreement with Jiangda Technology Development Company Ltd., of China, an engineering group that specializes in providing PLM solutions and service to the manufacturing sector. This collaboration has already resulted in WorkNC’s selection by VS Industry for the manufacture of plastic injection molds for consumer electronic and electrical goods.

Founded in 1997, Jiangda has grown rapidly and now has 7 subsidiaries and business offices in major industrial cities around the country: Beijing, Xi’an, Wuhan, Changchun, Chongqing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. A representative from Jiangda pointed out that China is rapidly becoming one of the world’s major manufacturing countries. The company already has over 280 major customers around the country, in sectors such as general machinery, automotive, mould making, aerospace, and shipbuilding. With the projected growth in manufacturing, the potential market is vast and Jiangda is ideally placed to serve it. The company has already created a national sales and technical support network, enabling it to support a large customer base while maintaining optimum levels of service, making it an ideal partner for Sescoi.

WorkNC is used by thousands of companies worldwide including most of the world’s automobile manufacturers and is renowned for its ease of use and automated cutter paths which set the standard in easy 2 thru’ to 5-axis programming.

Bruno Marko chairman and founder of Sescoi said, “China is becoming a leading supplier of manufactured goods and there is a strong requirement for technology. Working with Jiangda, who have the skills and resources to meet those needs throughout the country, presents an exciting opportunity for Sescoi. Not only is WorkNC high performance, but it is simple to learn and use, enabling Chinese companies to overcome the shortage of skilled CAM operators and maximize their productivity fast”.

About Jiangda Technology Development Company Ltd.

Formed in 1997 the company has 100 skilled employees in 7 offices located in the major industrial centres of China. It is the country’s leading IBM Business Partner and No1 CATIA reseller, and specialises in PLM solutions for the key manufacturers in the Chinese market. It aims to work in partnership with its customers to provide a mutually beneficial business relationship for the long term.

Jiangda Technology Development Co., Ltd
Building 5, No.899 Zu Chong Zhi road, Shanghai, 201203, P. R.
Tel: 50802800
Fax: 50805900
Web site:

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